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Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn !

Keeping in mind growing concerns, Spring OB/GYN is taking additional precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect all our patients and families. We ask that if you have an appointment and you have flu-like symptoms, contact us prior to your appointment to reschedule or get further instructions. Children or nonessential visitors (including partners) are not allowed in the office. Please click on our Coronavirus link for more information.

Established with the goal of providing progressive healthcare to women throughout the lifecycle, our practice is located in the heart of Manhattan's Soho.

We offer a full range of obstetric and gynecologic care. Our practice consists of a group of physicians and certified nurse-midwives. We have a sonogram facility and offer lab services and procedures on site.

We also offer childbirth and lactation classes on-site.

Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn
Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn

Dr. Heidi Flagg Dr. Brina Maldonado Dr. Linda Cho Dr. Danielle Feldman
Flagg, MD
Maldonado, MD
Cho, MD
Feldman, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers Wade Dr. Linda Cho JR
Rodgers, MD
Leigh Ann
Wade, MD
Onbreyt, MD
Reisner, MD
Lese, CNM
Valenti, FNP
Nicole Meade CNM, NP Mary Miller, PhD

In accordance to updated New York State guidelines, please quarantine for 10 days if you have travelled outside of New York's contiguous states. Please follow the instructions from the link below for the New York State Test Out Mandatory Quarantine.


Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn 

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Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn Spring obgyn proudly announces our support for "EVERY MOTHER COUNTS" dedicated to making childbirth safe.
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Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn
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Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn
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Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn 
Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn 
Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn

Welcome to Spring Ob/Gyn
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